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 Who we are

Element Green Recycling Ltd is an environmental company. It was formed to help the public recycle, reduce and reuse their waste. "Helping you make Recycling Second Nature" is not only our slogan but the core of our business too.

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What we do

The Green Pod

Our unique award winning Green Pod is a portable, multi segmented, re-usable recycling bag with individual pods. These pods can be removed from the main bag and simply taken to either the kerbside or the recycling centre when full to be emptied. We design, manufacture and sell the Green Pods. Made from recycled plastic the Green Pod is a portable, re-usable recycling bag with individual pods inside. It helps to separate, store and transport recyclables cleanly and tidily. The insides are fully wipeable, the big handles and the ability to zip it up make it easy for people to carry to their local recycling point, drive to a supermarket's larger bank or use it in conjunction with their council's existing pick up system, such as a box or wheelie bin. The Green Pod works effectively anywhere you need to store, separate and transport waste such as in the home, offices, caravan parks and hotels. Recycling is about maximising the economic, environmental and social benefits for everyone, from tax payers to the global re-processing industry. Our concern is that collection systems that focuses on gathering a range of different recyclables into one bag or bin could permanently undermine the environmental and financial benefits of recycling. Simon Hughes, MP & Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats says "In a country still not meeting the challenge of the level of recycling needed, I think the Green Pod is easy to use and for certain people in certain places, whether home or work, it will make for an easier recycling life."

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Green Products

We seek out and bring you the most innovative and stylish green products from around the world as well as greener alternatives to every day items.

Green Information & Advice

Our Information Platform is a community hub where you can find advice, tips, videos, articles, Q&A, and news regarding eco friendly products and all maters "green."

At Element Green Recycling we believe recycling is a practical solution to the Earth's finite resources and it should be encouraged. Equally recycling is just one of many tools by which we can address our waste problem. It is our opinion that buying products that has a recycled content is just as important as recycling! That is why on our website you will find Eco Friendly Products for sale and the world's best Green Designers who up-cycle or use recycled materials to create breathtaking innovative products. It is essential that the demand for hi-quality recyclable materials grows because the "market" can only supply us products and services we demand. Buying products that are partly or wholly made from recycled items helps to complete the market loop and increase demand. It is our philosophy that recycling has not actually taken place until we buy or use recycled products that has a recycled content.

For more information about green solutions that fits your lifestyle check out our "Information Platform."