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The benefits of a bokashi

  • Ideal for people with cooked food waste (especially great for Mums with picky eaters in the family!) which you can keep out of landfills and turn into a valuable plant feed.
  • Can compost dairy, meat, fish and small bones in a way which will not attract vermin.
  • Fermentation takes place in two short weeks, and the content can then be added to a compost heap, wormery, donated to a gardening friend or dug into the ground.
  • The bokashi juice can be diluted 100 times with water and used on plants. Use neat in the drains to keep fresh (safe for septic tanks).
  • Ideal for use in small homes without a garden, as it also sits on the work surface.
  • Useful for ingredients like citrus and onions, which some worms don't like!

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