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Environmental nappies products

I want to use cloth nappies what else do I need?

If using cloth nappies full time you'll need:

Cloth nappies

You will need at least 18 cloth nappies which will allow you to wash every other day (or every third day once your baby is older). If you're buying for an older baby (1 year or more) you can generally get away with 12-14 nappies as you will not need to change the baby so often.

3-4 Waterproof Nappy Wraps

If you are using shaped nappies 4, wraps (nappy covers) should be sufficient. Remember, you don't need to change the wrapper every time you change the nappy; you only change it if poo gets on it.

Most wraps can be washed in the machine at a maximum of 60°C, although wherever possible wash by hand as continued machine washing will accelerate deterioration of the fabric. It is best to avoid soaking the wraps.

Wraps dry quickly and are best dried naturally. To avoid damaging the waterproof coating, avoid hanging them directly on radiators and do not wring them.

Nappy Bag

A waterproof nappy bag is ideal for storing soiled nappies until you get home. They are also ideal for use at nursery and weekends away.

Nappi Nippas

Unless your cloth nappies have poppers or velcro straps, you'll need Nappi Nippas. A pack of 3 should last you right through until potty training.

Nappy Bucket

You'll need something to store the soiled nappies prior to washing. A standard 14-16 litre bucket should be sufficient.

Flushable or washable liners

Nappy liners help with the removal of poo from the nappy.

A pack of 100 flushable liners will last around 1 month.

A pack of 20 washable (fleece) liners will last right through to potty training. Don't forget that fleece liners are also excellent, when damp, for use as baby wipes.

Mesh bag

Mesh bags are placed inside the nappy bucket and the nappies placed inside the bag. They allow for easier transfer of nappies from the bucket to the washing machine.

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