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The benefits of a compost bin

Composting is an inexpensive natural process. It transforms your kitchen and garden waste into valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden, which is easy to make and use.

1. Composting Is Dirt Cheap

It costs next to nothing to compost, aside from a tiny initial investment in a compost bin. In fact, if you're a gardener or have any landscaping at all, your compost bin can save you money by reducing what you spend on fertilizer or garden waste removal. It will also greatly reduce what you throw in the bin each week. 

2. Compost helps with a healthy, thriving garden

You really cannot find a better soil improver than compost. It loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water. Furthermore, not only does compost contain no petroleum based compounds it can repress plant diseases and pests. Gardens that are composted produce higher yields of healthier fruit, vegetables and flowers.

3. It is good for the environment

Landfills everywhere are running out of room and becoming more expensive to maintain each year. Composting reduces the amount of waste each of us sends to the landfill.

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