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How to compost

  1. If you have to put your compost bin on concrete, tarmac or patio slabs, ensure there is a layer of paper, twigs or existing compost at the bottom, so that worms and other creatures can colonise. Choose a place where you can easily add ingredients to the bin and get the compost out.
  2. If you do not want your compost bin to smell, attract bugs, mice or attracts vermin, just keep dairy products and meat out of your compost bin. Click here (page 4) for more information on what you can put and what you should not put in your compost bin.
  3. Placing your bin in either a partially shaded or sunny spot can help speed up the composting process.
  4. Put your bin on soil. It makes it very easy for beneficial microbes and insects to gain access to the rotting material. It also allows for better aeration and drainage, both of which are important to successful composting.
  5. If you have to place your compost bin onto gravel but are concerned about damaging it when moving the bin, you will need to lay out plastic sheeting to keep the gravel clean when emptying. Just make sure to cut a hole or slits in the membrane, so that the soil-dwelling organisms can get through.

 If you would like to share your own tips or you have questions regarding how to compost please feel free to post a comment below.

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