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Michelle Reader

Works of art by Michelle Reader.

Michelle has been working with recycled materials since 1997, making unique figurative, recycled sculptures Michelle Readerfrom household waste and objects she has salvaged. Her sculptures are usually representations of people, animals or buildings. "The direction of her work has been influenced by environmental concerns such as pollution and overconsumption of resources."

Michelle's sculptures sometimes have a mechanical quality; she often uses working parts of old toys, clocks or other objects. Her work spans the disciplines of sculpture, props and models for theatre, events and photo shoots, as well as bespoke awards made from recycled materials. She also runs workshops in schools, events, festivals and galleries to help people make art from recycled materials. "The choice to work with reclaimed materials was initially an economic one, as well as an ethical decision to focus on the environmental impact of the materials and processes used. Equally important is the message these choices give to the viewer, drawing attention to environmental issues in an aesthetic, humorous and non-confrontational way."

Michelle's work consists of -

WildlifeMichelle Reader - Bird

Mechanical works

Figure sculptures

Awards and trophies

Corporate commissions

For further information about Michelle Reader check out her website. Michelle Reader

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