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Why you might want to buy a rainwater tank (aka water butt)

In hot and dry weather, water used outdoors can amount to 50 per cent of total UK usage. However it is still possible to have a beautiful and productive garden. Using rainwater tanks (aka water butts) is good for the environment and reduces your water bills, because rainwater is free!

Water is a precious resource that needs to be used carefully. Water taken from rivers and lakes for human use has an impact on wildlife. Increasing demand for water puts a strain on natural resources, which makes it important to find ways of conserving this valuable resource.

Rainwater Tanks - rainwater butts 2Saving water in the garden can help reduce your water bills, cut the risk of hosepipe bans and water restrictions, and help protect wildlife.

Thousands of litres of rainwater fall on the average roof every year. Collecting this water and using it on your garden is better for your lawn and plants as well as for the environment.

If you want to collect more water than can be stored in one butt, you can buy a connector kit to link two or more together.

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