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Recycled Art Gallery

Art Gallery

1. Wim Delvoye

Wim DelvoyeThe subtle design and delicate carvings of Wim Delvoye has turned unused tyres into artistic fascinations. As fans of his work, we admire the unique creativity Wim has put into his amazing series called "Pneu" (French for tyre). We're in awe of the intricate work portrayed in these sculptures. 











2. Yong Ho Ji

Young-Ho-Ji-Recycled-Tire-SculpturesYong Ho Ji has taken tyre strips and resin to create some of the most stunning sculptures we have encountered from wild boars to a wolf man. There are sculptures ranging from a goat with five foot tall horns to a ten foot long shark, and a lot more in between.








3. Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn

Alien-bike-Bangkok based artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn created a motorcycle made from recycled materials from cars and bicycles at a workshop he owns. Roongrojna creates metal sculptures, based on popular monsters. The 54-year-old owns four shops across Thailand, called Ko Art Shop, and exports his works of art all over the world. This impressive piece of metal work is fully functional. It's hard to believe it was made exclusively from discarded metal parts.






4. Derek Gores

Derek GoresMelbourne, Florida based Derek Gores is well known for his ripped paper collage portraits, made from recycled magazines, labels, and found materials. Derek has worked as a commercial illustrator and designer for 15 years, with clients including ESPN, Lenny Kravitz, U2, Van Halen, Kings of Leon, Madonna, Lucasfilm, the National Football League, Harley Davidson, Adidas, as well as many others. His work showcases Gores' contrasting interests in the natural beauty of the figure, the angular design aesthetics of fashion (and machinery), and a fearless sense of play.

















5.Ryan Lytle

Recycled-nautilus Ryan Lytle

Nautilus, a 3-dimensional cephalopod piece of art, was created by Ryan Lytle, an art student in Virginia. Ryan used bottle caps, wire, keys, a lens from a gas mask and a variety of other recycled materials to create this sculpture.








6. Miina Äkkijyrkkä

Miina Äkkijyrkkä-cowHelsinki-based sculptor Miina Äkkijyrkkä recycles large metal pieces to create sculptures of farm animals. She is mainly known for making gigantic cow sculptures made from recycled car parts. She has been working with cows for nearly 50 years.







7. Jeremy Mayer

jeremy-mayer-typewriter-sculptures-gessatoAs typewriters have become more and more obsolete in the 21st century, Californian-based designer, Jeremy Mayer, disassembles them and creates these stunning sculptures. Mayer does not weld or glue the different parts together. He "simply" assembles them, he does not use anything for these sculptures that was not once part of a typewriter.







8. Johnston Foster

johnston foster-thekeeper

Innovation with a playful twist is our way to describe the artistic creativity of Johnston Foster. He created wall mounted masks and other sculptures, each having a greatly expressive make up, with his creations of random bits from deposits including hair brushes, shoes, car parts, tyres and a wide range of other salvaged items. One of his works, an 8 ft mixed media sculptural creation of a delicately crafted skeleton from plastic lawn chairs, is both scary and amazing, as the skeleton rides a small pony that was assembled from parts of old pieces and scraps of wood, with a swarm of wasps made out of recycled material surrounding the piece. Wow!






9. Ptolemy Elrington

hubcap Ptolemy Elrington

Ptolemy Elrington, a UK based artist and designer, has created amazing pieces of art, all from wasted and discarded material. His studio is located in Brighton. The artist uses all kinds of hubcaps in his work. Due to the excellent machining finish, he prefers parts of BMW and Mercedes vehicles. The 10m tall dragon, one of his huge creatures, contains over 200 hubcaps. Ptolemy first makes a clay model of the planned design, and then cuts hubcaps and other motor parts as per requirement.





10. Jane Perkins

Jane-Perkins-artOne's trash is indeed another's treasure proves artist Jane Perkins, from Kenton, near Exeter. Jane makes distinctive pieces entirely from toys, buttons, marbles and whatever she finds useful. The handicrafter has depicted Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, the Queen, David Beckham, Nelson Mandela, Madonna, and Boris Johnson in collages, which were made out of items from car boot sales, second-hand shops, junkyards and recycling centres.










11. Mia Liu

mia liuMia Liu worked at the Guggenheim Museum collecting tickets. Rather than dispose of them she created fantastic wonder wheels with the leftover stubs. This paper art is something to see!








12. Harosh

dunk-board-HaroshHarosh, a passionate skater, loves his skateboards so much that he does not want to part from them, even if retirement comes to a skateboard. He makes his art pieces by recycling old used skateboards. His creations are born through styles such as wooden mosaic, dots and pixels. Each element is either cut out in different shapes or kept in their original form. They are then connected in different styles and shaven into the form of the final art piece.






13. Andrew Smith

as3Andrew Smith is an American artist who lives in Lehi, a small town outside Salt Lake City (the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Utah). Smith creates complex and colourful kinetic sculptures out of stuff retrieved from junk yards and garage sales. His intricate sculptures bind industrial ornamentation with organic elements. It is an awesome flight of fantasy which generates bewilderment and appreciation.








14. Nick Georgiou

Nick GeorgiouWhat do insanely creative people do with waste newspapers? Queens-based artist Nick Georgiou makes three-dimensional sculptures out of newspaper. The representation of colour, line and texture in these pieces is reminiscent of the works of great expressionist Edvard Munch, most famous for his 'Scream' painting. Needless to say, this artist's medium is brought back to life in 3D form and is definitely screaming to be recognized in a class of its own.

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